Zack Brown, the Owner and Director of Operations for Nailhead Contractors (NHC) is a native Texan and has been in and around the construction industry the majority of his life. He has a long list of satisfied customers (that many times become lifelong friends) that trusted his expertise to satisfy their design and renovation dreams. NHC also has completed projects for many commercial companies in Houston, Texas such as the Rainbow Bread company, Birt Bag company, VA Business Association projects and a long list of commercial apartment management companies, real estate companies and more.  

Zack is happily married for 32 years to his wife Wendy who is also the Office Administrator for NHC and they have two grown sons who also work for NHC.  Wendy is also over the design team for NHC and helps many of our clients redecorate and redesign their home layout and floor plans.  She is excellent in the field of color matching and style techniques.  The family has lived in Atascocita, Texas (just outside of Humble/Houston) for fourteen years and are very established in their church and in the community.  Zack particularly enjoys woodworking and building custom furniture, even on his days off.  

Nailhead Contractors values its reputation for good quality workmanship, experienced craftsmanship, fair and honest pricing and a history of friendships and references built from successful projects completed over the years.  If you want a great job completed that will last a lifetime and at a fair price, contact Nailhead today for your free estimate!


NHC employees and contractors are fully experienced and trained in all phases of construction.  Our employees go through a thorough background check upon hire and monitored throughout the year for your safety.  We hand pick personnel with a history of good work ethics, a commitment to excellence in their work and the morals to always do the right thing.  We treat our personnel as family and their devotion to this company goes beyond a paycheck.  They feel that their work reflects the NailHead name and will always produce the best results to proudly say they work for and belong to the best General Contracting company!